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$1450 Swedish Mangleboard #MBS1014

Length 25"

Width 6 7/8"

Height to top of horse 5 1/2"

Swedish board dated 1840, both carved and painted dates. Initials are AM (the groom) and RKD (d stands for Datter or daughter).

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This handsome carved board is a dark green color. The board decorations are varied very precise and show the tiniest finest chip carving we have ever seen.

The horse handle has a gracefully arched neck, reins, carved tail and eyes that are chip carved. The one ear is worn - no doubt from petting.

The one upper corner of the board is a bit puppy chewed, but quite solid. Overall, the board in is in excellent condition with that exception.

Someone attached a leather display strap, which seems to all right, but not sure I would trust it for wall hanging.

Edges are beveled beautifully. Whoever made this board was a fine craftsman.

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