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The Country Gallery Antiques Restoration-Bed Conversions

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1. Conversion to American Queen

2. Conversion of a youth bed to a twin bed

3. Trundle and Day bed conversions





Conversion to American Queen bed size




Conversion of a Youth bed to American Twin bed size




This is a bed I kept for myself! If you look closely at each bed post, you will see that a small piece has been added so that youth bed could become a standard twin. In fact, I didn't even notice this addition until my husband pointed it out to me! This bed only needed an inch to make it wide enough.

Borge uses wood of the same time period to make the necessary addition and it comes out beautiful.

Oh yes, I don't know what came over me, but on a very hot July day I painted these beds a cool cool green with a latex wash, then crackle medium then an even lighter cooler green. We love them.



Here is one more way that we have had a too narrow bed made must a bit bigger...





And one more way!



Siderails and interior ledges which hold a mattress or not!




We nearly always remake siderails for your bed because they need to be lengthened for modern mattress sizes. The bed shown above upon which perches our cat Sweetie has these dimensions....

The bottom of the siderail is 10 1/2" from the floor.

Siderail is 9 1/2" tall and from the ledge on the inside is 7 3/4".

Siderail is 77" long.

The mattress is 8" thick and is resting on a box spring on a metal frame. If you wanted to rest your mattress on the ledges on slats then an 8" mattress like this one would be exposed by an inch. Perfect!

Interior width of this bed is 39".

The top of the mattress is 25" from the floor. If you placed this mattress on slats, without the box spring and metal frame, then it would rest an inch or so lower.



Trundle beds from twin beds...


Trundle beds.....

I measured one that we have and figured up the clearances necessary for the typical metal pop up trundle frame available at most mattress stores. We have used one of these for 20 years and it works great.

You will need to buy two normal thickness (8") twin mattresses, no box springs.

Picking a bed...please select one that we have not converted as yet! We will have to have the side rails attached higher than usual and make the side rails not quite as tall. Otherwise No Problem this is an easy conversion!


This sums up the conversion.....

Floor to side rail clearance 13 1/2"

Long side of bed leg to leg clearance 75 1/2"

Short side of bed leg to leg clearance 38 1/2"

Side rails are 7" high to accomodate a regular thickness twin mattress only, no box spring.

We will provide slats but you can have a piece of plywood cut to fit instead if you prefer at the lumberyard.





Here is another bed that we converted to a twin day bed. Beautiful!




Isn't this bed beautiful? Converted from a Danish bed c.1860 to a daybed for a little girl's room. Painted with White #5.



An example of resizing to an American queen size bed....